If We Ever Needed Love, It Is Now by Robert Walker

Robert Walker
PHIL 1:6


Milton Grannum (Philadelphia) had a life-changing
experience as he visited a leper colony in South
America. He would visit the people, pray with them,
sing with them, read scripture to patients.

Milton met a woman named Rose. Her eyes had rotted
away, leaving her blind. Her hands & feet were only
stumps. There was blood on her face from mosquitoes
biting her, because she couldn't swat them away.

Yet, when Grannum was getting ready to pray for her, &
he asked what she would like, she asked him to pray
that God would help her show the doctors that Christ
was alive in her life.

She wanted the doctors to know God's grace. Her
concern wasn't for her own health & comfort. Her real
passion was the love of God.

On another occasion, minister named Jack Hinton was
leading worship at a leper colony on the island of
Tobago. A woman whose back had been to the pulpit
suddenly turned around & he saw what he describes as
the most hideous face he has ever seen. "The woman's
nose and ears were entirely gone.

She lifted a fingerless hand in the air and asked,
"Can we Sing Count Your Many Blessings?" Hinton was
overcome with emotion, and had to leave the service.

A team member followed him. He said, "I guess you'll
never be able to sing that song again." "Yes, I will,"
said Jack, "but I'll never sing it the same way."

The church has become so good at pronouncing
condemnation to those who have done wrong that those
who need God most never hear the message of God's

"But Pastor, hasn't God called the church to prick the
consciousness of this world and to point out sin when
sin arises?" Absolutely, but the problem is we think
we do that best through judgment and condemnation.

But nowhere does God grant us the power to condemn. He
only grants us the power to love. Love has a far
greater power to change the w ...

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