Free Indeed by Robert Walker

Free Indeed
Robert Walker
Galatians 5:1


William Knob on July 31, 1838, gathered together ten thousand slaves on the island of Jamaica, for a praise meeting and for the putting into effect the Emancipation Act. An immense coffin was prepared. They filled that huge coffin with whips, branding irons, handcuffs, fetters, slave garments and all other memorials belonging to the horrid enslavement system when human beings were properties in human flesh. having no will but the will of their masters.

At the first stroke of a midnight bell, Knob shouted: ''the monster is dying!'' At twelfth stroke, he shouted: ''the monster is dead! Let us bury him!''

Then they screwed the coffin lid down, lowered it into a twelve-foot grave, and covered it up thus burying out of sight in this ceremonious way the very things which so long had made human lives a hard and painful bondage.
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