Remember The Best And Forget The Rest by Robert Walker

Robert Walker
PHIL 1:1-2

INTRODUCTION- Cleve McClary is an ex-marine who fought
in Vietnam here he was badly wounded. He lost one eye
& all of his teeth. He lost one arm & and most of the
fingers on his other hand. He lost hearing in one of
his ears. And yet Cleve McClary stands proudly at
attention in his marine uniform.

When you look at him he'll look back at you with that
one eye and you know you have his undivided attention.
He has a magnetic personality that just draws people
to him. And he'll rech out with what's left of his one
good hand and grip yours tightly as he exchanges
greetings with you.

Cleve McClary has an optimistic spirit, even though
life has been so tough for him. He has a special
license plate on his car with the word "FIDO" on it-
FIDO. When asked what it means he says it means this,
"Forget it & drive on: Forget it & drive on.

Paul the apostle had a magnetic personality that just
draws people to him. Life had been tough and full of
terror. When Paul wrote to the Church at Philippi he
uses the word joy more often than he does in any other
epistle that he wrote. In the book of Acts Paul and
Silas sung a song that brought the house down. If Paul
were to write a song I'm sure it would have been about
the Church at Philippi. The church was named in the
honor of Philip of Macedon, Father of Alexander the
Great. My subject today is "Remember the Best and
Forget the Rest.

Let's look at several things from verse 1&2.


1. If you study the introductions to various other
epistles you will notice that apart from I and II
Thess. And Philemon this one is the most personal. I
want you to notice several things about his
introduction to the Church.

A. It is Friendly

He does not begin, "Paul an apostle but Paul
and Timothy. He is not assert ...

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