Sing the Song of a Forgiven Soul by Robert Walker

Sing the Song of a Forgiven Soul
Robert Walker
Psalm 103


This is David's Hallelujah Chorus: this is the language of a man who has been stirred to the very depths of his soul as he contemplates the goodness and the greatness of God.

Most scholars believe David wrote this psalm. Whereas Psalm 102 is filled with complaint and petition Psalm 103 rings out with praise and affirmation. This is a praise psalm.

The circle of praise ever enlarges. It starts with the voices of men and of women and then it goes higher and higher with increasing volume until it reaches a climax with the choirs of heaven, the angelic host praising God in heaven's presence.

Now underlining the majesty of this movement there is something you cannot escape if you will just allow the spirit of God to illuminate as you read it.

"Bless the Lord" (v1). The thrust of this psalm is a summons to count our blessings. We must learn to live a life of gratitude.

Giving thanks to almighty God for so many blessings and benefits. Any time we have trouble praising the Lord we should turn to this Psalm. There are several things I want you to see. There is an exhortation for every one of us to be thankful unto the Lord upon every remembrance of His goodness and faithfulness.


Lord here is the usual word for Jehovah, the God of the covenant, but with the additional meaning "Jehovah, Himself." Bless the Lord was inspired by thought of Jehovah.


1. Look at verse one. Bless the Lord Oh my soul. What are we to do? (Bless) Who are we to do it to? (The Lord) How are we to do it? (All that is in me)

Why are we to do it? Because of all His benefits. The direction of the praise is to the Lord Himself. Bless the Lord. Twice the psalmist exhorts himself for praise. Praise the Lord oh my soul.

2. No one is to sit mute and silent. It must be excited, aroused, and stimulated within. Regardless of ho ...

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