Little Things with Loud Messages by Robert Walker

Little Things with Loud Messages
Robert Walker
Proverbs 30:24-28


Solomon's remarkable four little messengers. Each of them has a very pointed and personal and powerful message for everyone living on planet earth today. And up steps the ant and his message is too clear to miss.

Solomon says the ants are a people not strong but they prepare their meat in the summer.

Chuck Swindoll in his book, COME BEFORE WINTER, says life is like the four seasons of the year. Spring speaks of youth, summer speaks of Manhood and maturity, fall speaks of old age and the declining years, and winter speaks of death and the inevitable judgment that faces every man one step beyond life.

So what is the message of the little ant?


1. Get ready to meet God and prepare now for that event, for when winter comes it will be too late. I am reminded of the words of an old song that goes like this.

"And soon will come the autumn years when life is past and Christ appears too late to change the path you've trod when standing face to face with God."

2. Mark Twain once said there are some people who get shook up about the things in the bible that they do not understand but he said it's the things that I do understand that cause me to be all shook up.

3. There are some very sobering scriptures in the word of God. For example:
* II Kings 20:1 "From the lips of the prophet to the King. Set your house in order for thy shall die and not live."
* Hebrews 9:12 "It is appointed unto man once to die but after death cometh the judgment of God."


I remember a story that Dr. Adrian Rogers told in one of his sermons that I have never forgotten, and it goes something like this; it was only a legend but listen to it:

The wealthy merchant sent his servant to the market place to buy provisions but he came back later without them. He was visible shaken. He wa ...

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