Will A Man Serve God For Nought by Steve Wagers

Will a Man Serve God for Nought?
Steve Wagers
Job 1:1-12


Years ago, a member of a church, who had been saved for years, called his pastor, and immediately said, "I want my name taken off the roll. I'm through with church, I'm through with religion, I'm through with it all. I will not be back." Well, the pastor knew that his son had gotten into trouble with the law, and was standing trial. Even though this boy was guilty, he'd done other things as well, and he deserved to be punished, yet the father said, "I'm a Christian; I love God; I am serving God; God's not going to send my boy to jail." Thus, when he called and said that he was through with church, the pastor knew that his son had been convicted and sent to prison.

Let me ask you a question, 'Why are serving God?' Let me ask you another question, 'Why do you love Him?' Well, as you know in this passage of scripture, there are some unique things taking place. One of those being that Satan and God are discussing things. There is:A CONVERSATION(v. 6-7). However, there is also A CONSIDERATION(v. 8). Now, I used to say that I always wanted God to brag on me, until I realized that Job got into his trouble all because the Lord bragged on him. Thus, we ought to make sure what we're saying before we say it; because we just may get into something we didn't know about.

However, the question I want us to consider tonight is the one in verse 9. It is interesting to note that this is not a question that is asked by God. Nor, is it a question asked by Job. Rather, it is a question that is asked, and posed by the Devil himself, "Does Job fear God for naught?" Literally, he's asking, 'Does Job fear God for favor?' Or, 'Does Job fear God for nothing?" I must admit even the devil has asked a very good question, and one every one ought to consider tonight. WILL A MAN SERVE GOD WHILE


1. The devil says that the reason Job is serving ...

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