Church's Divine Correction by Steve Wagers

Church's Divine Correction
Steve Wagers
Revelation 3:14-20


As you examine the state of the7 churches in the book of Revelation you quickly find various things. For example, some of the churches were Glad churches; and, some of the churches were Bad churches. However, as you examine the church of Laodicea, you find that it was neither a glad church, or a bad church; but, it was a Sad church. You see, Jesus had something good to say about every church except this one. Even He couldn't find one good thing to say about this church. It was the church that made Him sick.

However, as you examine the state of churches today, you find much the same thing, that is, churches in a lukewarm state. For example:

? 56,000 people who left church today, will never come back
? 10% of all church members cannot be found
? 20% never pray
? 30% never attend church
? 40% never give to any cause
? 50% never go to Sunday School
? 60% never come on Sunday night
? 70% never to give to Missions
? 80% never go to prayer meeting
? 90% have never personally led anyone to Jesus Christ.

Friend, those are simply the outward reflections of a lukewarm church. And, it is that which makes God sick.

The thing about the church of Laodicea was that it was a church that was blind, though it thought it could see. It was poor, though it thought it was rich. It was naked, though it thought it was clothed. It was guilty, with none else to blame; and, it was "The Church That Made God Sick!" Briefly, let's examine 3 truths about this church.


The first thing we realize about this church is that it had a desperate condition. In fact, it was in worse condition than any of the other 6 churches. It's condition was desperate because:


1. {Notice verse 15}. Jesus says, "I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot." This was a lukewarm church, and a church wit ...

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