Enoch: A Man Favored By God (2 of 3) by Steve Wagers

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Enoch: A Man Favored by God (2 of 3)
Series: A Journey Through the Life of Enoch
Steve Wagers
Hebrews 11:5


Years ago, a young man traveled to London carrying a letter to Baron Rothschild, a famous banker in London, requesting employment. The banker greeted him warmly, but informed him that he had no position for him. As the young man was leaving, the baron on his hat and walked with him. As they walked along, the baron pointed out various objects of interest; and, as he passed another bank, he went in to conduct some business.

A few days later, the young man went into that same bank looking for work, and was asked, "Aren't you the young man who was the baron a few days ago?" The young man replied, "Yes, I am." The banker then said, "Well, you were in good company, and the baron has recommended you to us. He has given you favor!" 1

In much the same way, the writer of the book of Hebrews focuses upon the life of Enoch. In this verse of our text, we see not only the person of Enoch, but we see the privilege of Enoch. Thus, we not only see that Enoch was a man familiar with God; but, he was A Man Favored By God. As we examine this verse, it seems as if Enoch's resume, and testimony has moved God to the point of granting him a special place in this Hall of Faith. Thus, we see that he has been granted divine favor with God, and by God, proving to us, case and point, that Enoch was "A Man Favored By God!" Briefly, let's examine this short verse of scripture as the writer conveys 3 things about Enoch's favor by God. Notice, as:


In the first part of verse 11, as a matter of fact, in the first two words of verse 11, we see Enoch's favor examined. Notice, the writer opens his discussion of Enoch, and says, "By faith Enoch.." Thus, in that brief introduction, the writer speaks of the thing that set Enoch apart from all other, and that was his faith. However, as we further delve into t ...

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