Our Mighty God Of Sovereignty (4 of 6) by Steve Wagers

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Our Mighty God of Sovereignty (4 of 6)
Series: A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
Steve Wagers
Psalm 46:6-9


The story is told of 2 boys who were sitting in their sandbox talking about God. One of the boys asked, "How many Gods are there?" His friend replied, "There is One!" The boy, appearing not to be satisfied with that answer, asked, "How do you know there's only one God?" His friend quickly replied, "Because there's only room for one, for He fills heaven and earth!" 1

Yes, thank God, there is only One, and I believe that you would agree with me, that there's not room for another. You see, from the very opening course of scripture, God has made it extremely clear that He is to be, not only God; but, He is to be the ONLY GOD! Thus, while we may, or may not, acknowledge his unequaled, unmatched, and unparalleled position of authority, He is still the Supreme One, the Superb One, the Superior One; and, He is still "Our Mighty God Of Sovereignty!"

Let's take our physical world, and the universe of which it is a part. It is made up of atoms so tiny that we can't see them. These atoms add to a universe so colossal that we can't imagine it's vastness. The nucleus of one atom, is itself, the center of a miniature universe around which whirl the electrons. The nucleus is two trillion, five hundred billionths of one inch in diameter. 2

Let's consider the sun, which is our nearest star, ninety three millions miles away. It's light, which travels about six trillion miles a year, reaches us in 8 minutes. But, light from the next nearest star, Alpha Centuri, takes 41/2 years to reach us, in spite of it's phantom speed. 3

Think of our physical bodies; and, in particular, the small muscle, about the size of our fist, which lies behind our fence of ribs, a little left of center. It is called the heart. It is our body pump, and it is a medical marvel in itself. This little muscle pumps 5,000 gallons of blood every 24 hours. It is possible, doctors report, for the heart to pump 50 tons of blood, between one sunrise to the next. If we live to the age of seventy, this muscle, which weighs a little more than a pound, will have pumped 150 million gallons of blood. However, the wonder of it, is that, it is so constructed that it can rest without ever stopping, due to the law of rhythm by which it operates. Thus, in a lifetime of 70 years, our heart will spend nearly 40 years resting. 4

Thus, I ask you, who is it that would be able to monitor the vastness of our world, the operation of our universe; and, the function of our physical bodies? Who could control everything that is, and, yet, still have time to be mindful of us? There can be only one, and He is the Sovereign One!

In the text before us, the Psalmist seeks to reflect, and examine this wonderful attribute of our God. He does that by looking at past, prophetic, and present events; thus, proving to us that our God is still ...

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