Words For The Weary by Steve Wagers

Words for the Weary
Steve Wagers
Isaiah 40:28-31

It is said that Sir Walter Scott, the great penman, rose at 4 o'clock every morning, for 48 years, spent fifteen hours a day at his desk. He averaged a book every two months, and turned out the famous "Waverly Novels" at the rate of one a month.

It is said that the Wesleys, John and Charles, preached three sermons a day for fifty-four years, traveled 290,000 miles by horseback, and wrote more than eighty different books.

It is said that George Whitefield, the man greatly used of God in the First Great Awakening in England, preached and personally saw over 1 million people converted. It is estimated that he preached an average of forty hours a week in his ministry.

Everyone of these men, grew very weary in their work. They testified that many times they grew spiritually, physically, and mentally exhausted. Yet, every one, realized their real strength, came not in and of themselves, by it was of a Supernatural Supply.

In much the same way, Isaiah offers words of refreshment to those who are weary, and just plain tired. Specifically, he's addressing the children of Israel, who are in Babylonian captivity. He encourages them to not distrust, and disbelieve their God, but turn to Him, and trust Him in their hour of travail. Generally, he encourages all of us who grow tired, worn-out, and exhausted, and gives us "WORDS FOR THE WEARY!"

In this verse, Isaiah informs from where this strength comes, he does that by giving us a:


1. To open this verse, Isaiah asks some very pointed questions.

2. It seems as if, he assumes that they've forgotten who He is.

3. Therefore, he seeks to remind them, by describing his person, in hopes that it will silence their fears, and distrust.
EVERLASTING GOD: he has been from eternity, will be to eternity; he has being in and of himself; He is Alpha and Omega-the beginning ...

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