Help Is On The Way by Steve Wagers

Help Is on the Way!
Steve Wagers
Psalm 121: 1-8


One of the most powerful, poignant, and punitive words in the English language is the word "Help!" For, it is a word that admits a position of total desperation, and humility.

Dr. James Merritt well described the meaning of the word help, when he said:

HELP: is the cry of a mother with four children, three dogs, and two cats after a week at home, while the husband is away on a business trip.

HELP: is the cry of a man sitting at a table surrounded by a stack of unpaid bills, hungry children, an empty bank account with no job in sight.

HELP: is the cry of a woman, who has poured her life, for years, into a marriage, only to have her husband say, "I'm leaving. I've found someone else, and I don't love you anymore. 1

I don't know about you, but I've found myself in a position, many times, that I needed help. More than that, I've been in the place, where the only one who could possibly help me was the Lord.

In Psalm 121, we see the Psalmist in dire need of help. He is at a place, no doubt, that he has exhausted all other means, measures, and methods to try to find help. Yet, he still has found none. However, it seems that as he begins to remember, and reflect upon some things, he suddenly realizes that though it may look dark, dismal, and disappointing, thank God, "Help Is On The Way!" Notice, in these verses, three things that the Psalmist seems to demonstrate and express of his Lord. We see, first of all:


It seems as if the Psalmist, after times of doubt and confusion, regains a confident assurance that his Lord is still in control. Thus, he is allowed to be confident that:


1. Notice verse 2, and notice, again, just who it is that the Psalmist is referring to here.
2. He's not referring, here, to his best friend, or to his closest ally. He's not referr ...

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