The Workman Approved Of God by Steve Wagers

A Workman Approved of God
Steve Wagers
II Timothy 2:15-22

One day, while scrubbing the steps of a large New York City office building, a lady by the name of Sophie, the cleaning lady, was asked by one who worked in the office:
"I understand that you are a child of God?"
"Since you're a child of the king, wouldn't that make you a princess?"
"If God is your father, you're a princess, and a child of the King, isn't it beneath your level to be scrubbing the steps of this building?"

Sophie, very calmly replied, "No sir, it's not humiliating at all. For I do not scrub these steps for Mr. Brown, my boss, I scrub them for Jesus, my Savior!

Everyone of us desire to be approved, or well thought of by our employer, or those for whom we work. However, now that we're saved, Paul gives us some insight into how we can please our Heavenly Employer, by showing us the importance of 4 things in our life:

We see the Importance of the:

Paul shows that involved in this right preparation in a careful:

STUDY(lit.): "to endeavor, or give diligence to"
IDEA: of a student burning the midnight oil to study for a test

1. The workman approved of God realizes what the Word of God is.
2. Therefore, he puts great effort into searching, and studying it.
3. He desires to know all he can, therefore, he pays the price.

Many are like the boy who applied for work, and was told that there was not enough work to keep him employed. The boy replied, "But sir, I'm sure you have enough for me, for it takes little to keep me busy!"
c.f. Psalm 1:2
"He realizes that it is not just A BOOK, but THE BOOK!"
4. Therefore, he obeys it, loves it, and studies it.

B. HANDLING OF THE WORD "rightly divide"
RIGHTLY DIVIDE(lit.): "to cut a straight course"
IDEA: of a road crew that lays out a road
1. To be an approved workman we must carefully handle God's Word.
"We need not ...

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