Is God Enough? by Steve Wagers

Is God Enough?
Steve Wagers
II Kings 4:1-7

No doubt everyone one of us, at some time or another, have asked ourselves the above question. We sing the blessed old hymns, "Be not dismayed, what're betide, God Will Take Care of You!"; and, "He will Supply, He will Supply, Yes, I Know He Will Supply!" Though, we sing it, preach it, and hear it, yet still when we find ourselves to the point of exhaustion, and all that we find that we have left is the Lord, we, with necessity, must ask the question, "Is God Enough?"

We all have heard the stories of George Mueller, who built several orphanages at Ashley Down, England. Without a personal salary, he relied only on God to supply the money and food needed to support the hundreds of homeless children he befriended in the name of Christ. A man or radiant faith, he kept a motto on desk for many years that brought comfort, strength, and uplifting confidence to his heart. It read, "It matter to Him about you." Mueller believed that those words captured the meaning of I Peter 5:7, and he rested his claim for divine help on that truth. He testified at the end of his life that Lord had never failed to supply all of his needs.

Hallelujah, I can associate with the sentiments of the great George Mueller. For, I speak to you not theologically, but experientially, and though you may be facing a problem, persecutions, or peril, I can testify to you tonight, that GOD IS ENOUGH!!

Let's look at the story before us, in II Kings 4, and see why it is that God Is Enough? We see first of all, that He is Enough, because:

It doesn't take long to read this verse, and see that this lady had some severe problems in her life, as well as, her family. However, it is apparent that God sent His man to the rescue, demonstrating to us that He is enough because He Sees Our Problem. Notice, the:


1. The scriptures tell us that t ...

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