His Yoke Or Mine by Steve Wagers

His Yoke or Mine?
Steve Wagers
Matthew 11:28-30

It was getting near the days of festival, and was time for the Hindu priest to buy some powder to dye his robes for this great occasion. So, the Hindu priest went to a near-by shop to buy some powder, and he took it home. When he unwrapped the package, he found some strange words on the wrapping paper--"Come unto me, and I will give you rest!"

Again and again those words played over in his mind. What did they mean? Was that not what he had been looking for for years? Was this not the answer to his life's problems? Therefore, he passed the note onto another priest, and asked him to find out where these words came from and what they meant. The priest searched diligently, every day, to find out what these words meant. He carried that piece of paper around with him everyday, seizing every opportunity to ask folks if they knew anything about these words.

One day, he came upon a group of Christians holding a service in the open air of the city. He stopped to listen, and he heard for the first time of One who could save from sin, and give him life anew, and he heard those famous words repeated: "COME UNTO ME, AND I WILL GIVE YOU REST!!'

The Lord Jesus, in these 3 verses, spells out the answers for all of our problems, and burdens. Thus, asking ourselves the question, How will carry these burdens, with "HIS YOKE, OR MINE?

The Lord Jesus gives a very personal invitation to "Whosoever will!"
And in this invitation, we see the:

1. He's focusing upon the weary, and oppressed, and tired.
2. He's focusing upon those laden down with:
Sin and Guilt/ Care and Anxiety/ Sorrow and Oppression
NOTE: He's literally referring to those bound by the burden of the old ceremonial law. Those laboring, and laden with formal religion, and self-justification.
3. Thus, he's inviting those to come, get out from under ...

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