Are You Interested In A Title Or A Testimony by Steve Wagers

Are You Interested in a Title or a Testimony?
Steve Wagers
Hebrews 11:5


Years ago, there was a country preacher who tended to major on the 'thou-shalt-nots' of the Christian life. On one occasion, after a Sunday morning service, he was invited to the home of a farmer in the church for dinner. After dinner, the farmer said to the pastor, I would like for you to come and meet my donkey. Not wishing to offend the man, the pastor agreed, but asked why he wanted him to see his donkey. The farmer replied, "Because my donkey is a Christian!" The pastor, completely taken back, and surprised, said, "Don't be ridiculous. No donkey can be Christian." The farmer looked back, and said, "Well, according to your sermon this morning he can. Why, my donkey doesn't drink, swear, smoke, or work on Sunday. So, according to your sermon, he must be a Christian!"

If I were to ask you tonight to describe, and define a Christian, what would your answer be? In these days, this is our country's perception of Christianity:

? 60% claim to be religious
? 67% claim to be born again
? 70% claim church membership
? 41% are committed Christians
? 44% are moderately committed
? 27% are always mindful of Christ

Thus, if the truth be known, in These days, no one truly knows what a Christian is, who a Christian is, and how a Christian is supposed to be. In fact, in a day, where last year alone, 2 billion dollars were spent on Christian books, it is apparent that we have neglected the TRUE BOOK that depicts what God has to say about real Christianity!

In the text before us, tonight, in Hebrews 11: 5, we see here the portrait of a real Christian. It involves a man by the name of Enoch. And, as we examine his life, I want you to consider with me, not his title, but his testimony. Thus, examining your own heart, and asking, "Are You Concerned With A Title or a Testimony!" Notice 3 things about his testimony:



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