The Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ by Dr. Ed Young

The Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ
Dr. Ed Young
Luke 1:26-38

This morning we look at something of the theological significance of Christmas. And next Sunday morning we'll look more at the sentimental aspects of Christmas. Our scripture is taken from the gospel- according to Luke-, chapter number 1, beginning with verse 26 and going through verse 28. Let's bow for prayer together. Our heavenly Father, forgive us when we did not know this sweet little Jesus boy. But this Christmas, 0 Lord, may we get to know Him as He purifies us. May we get to know Him as He redeems us. May we get to know Him as He saves us. And may we get to know Him as He takes our lives and turns them right side up. Lord, I pray now that you will speak and let me get out of they way so that Thy Word, Thy Truth might not only be heard, but Lord, during the sentimentality and the holiness of this season, may Thy Truth be understood afresh. And Lord, may we put Your Truth into practice right in the middle of our lifestyles. For we pray in Jesus' blessed and holy name. Amen. The state of Texas covers 267,339,000 square miles. If you would take the entire state and you would cover it with silver dollars two feet thick, and you would take out -2- of this state covered with silver dollars on silver dollar and mark that dollar in a special way, and someone would take it and put it anywhere across this state where all of it is covered two feet deep with silver dollars. They would put that silver dollar down then they would go to you and put a blindfold on you and ask you to walk out there and the first time you reach down to pick up that one silver dollar that had that special mark on it, the odds of you doing that successfully are 1 in one quintillion. That's a one with 17 zeros after it. Too many for me to count. Now the same odds, mathematicians tell us, are true when you take the more than three hundred prophecies concerning the life of Jesus Christ and you would see all of these prophecies being fulfilled in one individual. If this would happen you would say, God must have been the author of those prophecies and certainly Jesus must be the one who fulfills each and every one of those prophecies in exactness and in precision. This is what we find in the miracle of Bethlehem. God, when He does something big, alwayvs takaandamp;s Hia time in preaaration. The Bible tells us in six days He created the world. Most people believe He's talking about six aeons, six epochs of history. And he took his time and he decorated this world in a beautiful, fabulous way. Until He made man. For thousands of years God spoke through prophets, through wise men, through events in history preparing the world for the Messiah, the coming of the One who would totally reveal Himself to man. And at the right time and at the ripe time, in the fullness of time, God's only begotten Son was born. When God does big -3- things, He takes His time in preparation. And gets everything exactly right. And then He do ...

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