New Breed Of Royalty: The Repairman by Dr. Ed Young

Transcribed from actual tape of sermon August 19, 1979 AM


Conspicious among the many by-products in the machine age has been the rise to royalty of

the repairman. In fact, we ordinary folk, are really AT HIS MERCY! If you doubt this

have someone to come and fix your television or do some menial task in plumbing or work

a little bit on the air conditioning system and you'll understand when you receive your

bill - - what I mean by the word 'mercy'.

Because, you see, as we have moved from the manual to the mechanical in our day and age
as we've gone the very simple and the very obvious to the automated and to the electronic

and to all the systems involved - suddenly we have in our land - over 2 million specialists ....

highly trained, highly skilled technicians - repairmen.

When I was a boy my dad was Mr. Fix-It around our home but this day has passed. When some-

thing went wrong with the electricity or something went wrong with the chimney - my dad

could make a light burn again. He could clean the chimney out. When something was wrong

with the old Ford, he could do something about it - if not - he could take it to any old

shade tree mechanic and he could take a pair of pliers and a screwdriver and a wrench or

two and maybe some bailing wire and make the old Lizzie run again. Mr. Fix-It. That was

20 or 30 years ago - not so today!

The repairMEN. Recently I had a telephone put in my home and it is now repairPERSONS because

a beautiful young lady went right along as a team member with that repairman.

This is a new breed of royalty in our society. A whole new ballgame of skill and ability

to fix things that use to be reather simple for the Mr. Fix It - the man around the house.

Frank Borham, my favorite Australian lecturer - because he i ...

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