Putting The Ark In The Middle Of America by Dr. Ed Young

Transcribed from Actual Tape July 5, 1987 A.M.
I Samuel 4:1-11; 19-22
I invite you to open your Bibles, if you would, to I Samuel, chapter
number 4, I Samuel 4 and I'll read verse 19 to the end of the chapter.
Phinehas' wife was pregnant and about to give birth: and

when she heard the news that the ark of God was taken, and

that her father in law and her husband had died, she kneeled

down and gave birth; for her pains came upon her.
And about the time of her death the women who stood by her

said to her, Do not be afraid; for you have given birth to a

son. But she did not answer, or pay attention.
And she called the boy Ichabod, saying, The glory has

departed from Israel: because the ark of God was taken, and

because of her father in law and her husband.
And she said, The glory has departed from Israel: for the

ark of God was taken.

And that is our principle text. "The glory of God has departed from

Tsrael for the ark of God was taken."

Let's pray together. Father, steady us as a people for this time of
worship. And yea, 0, Lord, steady us as a nation during these days of
decision and challenge. Tn this service I pray 0 Lord, that You will
- 2 -

speak and let me get out of the way so that Thy Word and Thy Holy and

Divine message ntight not o-aly be he-ard but may ik@- be received and

understood and incorporated into our living. For we make this prayer in

the strong holy name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Patriotism. A love for and a devotion to one's country. Webster's
definition. By that definition, this morning, this 4th of July weekend,
I ...

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