Answers To Questions About Inerrancyrich Christians In An Age Of Hunger by Dr. Ed Young


I John 3:17-18

Let's go to the Lord in prayer together. Father, during these weeks we
have been considering various overwhelming issues that face us as we
look to the Twenty-first century. This morning we deal with a very,
very difficult and sensitive area. Please, heavenly Father, may we not
be guilty of rationalizing our lifestyles or our posture of existence;
but may we truly and honestly, some of us for the first time, seek to
know Biblical principles and then seek to follow through. For most of
us with radical new ways of living in light of Your truth. You speak,
0, Lord, let me get out of the way so that Thy word and Thy message
alone might be heard for we make this prayer in the strong, holy name of
Jesus Christ. Arnen.
When you have no God, you make a god. Man has always done that. And
usually the god that you make when you have no god, is a god that
deifies your vices. Man wanted to drink so man made a god called
Bakkus, a god who would smile at him and approve of his drinking. Man
wanted to fight; therefore, man went out and made a god of Thor or Mars,
a god who would lead him supernaturally and victoriously into battle.
It's been true down through the ages. Man has sought to make gods that
would please him, that would help him, that would make his lifestyle
- 2 -

The Romans were looking for a way to unite their empire. They were

scattered all over the place, many cultures, many religions, many

nationalities; and so someone had the idea, let's worship Caesar. So,

Caesar worship came into being. And now we have a god of Caesar that

would unite all of the Roman empire.

Let's bring this a step closer. The Japanese did not have a religion
that would unite them. So, they ...

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