God's Patience Runs Out by Dr. Ed Young



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'Prariscribed from Actual Tape May 17, 1987 P.M.



I KINGS 21:1-29

Wliatsoever a man sows that lie shall also reap. if you sow to the wind,
you will reap the whirlwind. Be sure your sins will f ind you out.
'A@hree familiar scripttire passages that illustrate clearly for us R. G.
Lee's famous phrase: "Payday some day." And there is going to be,
ladies and gentlemen, a payday some day.
Wtiatsoever you sow, anybody here, young or old, whatsoever you sow, that
yoti wil.1 also reap. To see this ill-uslrated in a li.fe, we can look at
the li.fe of old king Ahab, He made the first niistake iii his marriage;
lie married Jezebel., a pagan, an unbeliever. How many peopl-e coul,d stand
up this mornj-ng and say, "I identify with that m.istake." The Bible
ciearly teaches t@hat we are not to be unequaily yoked together. And
anytime someone marries sc>meone else who is not a Christian, you are
being disobedient to the Lord. But the Bible also says if you are
inarried to someorie who is not a Christian, then you are to remain
married and live the Christiaii life before them. But Ahab married
Jezebel, I think for two reasons: first of all, she evidentially was a
sensuous woman. We have ample Biblical i.liustration for this. Even
before she died she made tip her face, the Bible tells us, and looked out
the window and began to wink and to smile at her soon assassin. She had
confiderice- in her sensuality. The second reason Jezebel[sicl married
- 2 -

fler was that she was the d ...

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