A Search For Excellence In Marriage by Dr. Ed Young



Ephesians 5:21-6:10)

I hope you have your Bibles open to Ephesians, chapter number 5. Our

text begins with the 21st verse of Ephesians 5, as we bow for prayer


Father, we're here in this service for thy name to be magnified. May a
sense of reverence sweep through this place of gathering so that all of
us will center our minds and our hearts totally upon thee. Lord, we
need a clear, fresh, clean message from on high. You speak, let me get
out of the way so that thy word and thy truth alone might be heard for
we make this prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
In the business world, insider trading shocks the old lined men of Wall
Street and staggers our economic world. In the diplomatic world, U.S.
Marines stationed at our Embassy at Moscow for sexual favors, give away
secrets to the Russians. In the entertainment world, Mia Farrow and
Woody Allen announce the pending birth of a child, a footnote read, "No
marriage plans anticipated." In the religious world, Jim and Tammy Faye
Baker's decadent lifestyle brought to the surface for all to see. In
the political world, a would be president, Gary Hart, avoiding through
the years a charge of being a womanizer is found in a most compromising
- 2 -

Someone told me that Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show quipped that Gary

- now has taker, s,-,., oL-t of religion and pLt it back in politics whp-rp-

it belongs. I predict that will be the one-liner of the year.

Home life, it's hard to believe what's taking place. Yesterday's Post
headlines, "Abuse and Death, [quote] He was an innocent child who never
asked far, this, sa-ld the a-unt of U'lessle A",len WheelL-r, a blond ha4,red,
blue eyed two year o ...

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