One Step At A Time by Dr. Ed Young


I Kings 17:1-7

Choir, that was magnificent. Thank you. Touched my heart. I had
trouble getting up this morning. I feel like somebody owes me an hour.
I think a lot of folks are like that every time we do this.

I hope you open your Bibles to I Kings, chapter number 17. We'll look
at the first seven verses. I Kings 17:1-7. Let us pray before we

Search us and try us in this hour, steady us, enliven us as we walk
through the way. Lord, You speak. Let me get out of the way so that
Thy word and Thy message alone might be heard. For we make this prayer
through Jesus Christ, our living Lord. Amen.

Millions of people who go by the name of Christian live with some sort
of vague sentimental piety. They would tell you that, "I am religious."
And by religion, they think that is church, Sunday morning, with a
quivering organ and light shining in through beautiful stained-glass
windows. They go to church in order to feel good, feel righteous, feel
o.k. They have been vaccinated with a mild form of what they chose to
call Christianity. But they haven't realized that Satan was the doctor

- 2 -

doing the vaccination. And he did this so they would never catch the

real thing.

Are you like this? In candid honesty, before God, does this really
describe you and your religion and your life? What you call Christian
is just something that will make you feel comfortable and good and fine
and somehow o.k. with God. And the truth is, in this hour you would
stand up and have to say that, "I decided, subconsciously at least, to
live a mediocre life of r ...

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