The New Heaven And The New Earth by Dr. Ed Young


Revelation 21:1-8

If you'll open your Bibles to our text this morning, Revelation 21,
we'll look at verse I through verse 8. Revelation 21:1-8. Let's go to
the Lord in prayer together.
Father, so many times when we open Thy book our capacity seems so
limited. As we think of eternity, paradise, heaven, to live forever
with You, we have really no frame of reference. And Thy Word has almost
a mysterious, strange, other-worldly atmosphere about it, and we in our
finiteness have trouble, Father, seeing that infinity. Speak to us in
this hour. Inspire us in this place of gathering so that new insights
and a new determination, yea, Lord, for some a new faith, might be born
in this hour. You speak, let me get out of the way so that Thy word and
Thy truth might not only be heard -- most of us have heard a lot of
sermons -- but Father, may Thy truth be received and understood and
incorporated into our lifestyles. For we make this prayer through Jesus
Christ our Lord. Amen.
Revelation chapter 1 through 3 is a vision of grace. Revelation chapter
4 through 19 is a vision of government. Revelation chapter 20 through
22 is a vision of glory. Now, remember where we are in our study. The
judgment of God is over. All the seals have been opened. All the
trumpets have sounded. All the woes have been expressed. All the bowls
- 2 -

of wrath have been emptied. And we know the tribulation period has
ceased. And a judgment has taken place, a sifting out of those who have
received Him, and those who had been faithful. And there is an entrance
into the millennial period and Christ comes back again, and the saints
who had be ...

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