The Destruction Of The World System by Dr. Ed Young

Revelation 18:1-24
... We thank You for the word Gf vic-tary-that is through even these wo.-ds
of wrath and judgment. We praise You for the thrill of being in Thy
house, for the expectancy that overwhelms us even at this moment that
Thou will say that touching, personal, healing, reassuring, forgiving
word. And Lord, may it come to that man and that woman, that student,
that individual in such a way that they will believe the rest of their
life and they will know with confidence that this moment of worship was
just for them. May we feel Your personal touch. You speak, let me get
out of the way, so that Thy word and Thy holy and divine message might
not only be heard, but Lord, may we receive Thy truth and incorporate it
into our lives, so that, yea, we will be different because Thou hast
dealt with us in this hour. We pray through Jesus Christ, our Lord.
The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ will come again. Prior to this
climactic event, the church will be taken out of history. This will
trigger the beginning of a 7-year period of judgment. It is called the
Great Tribulation. Following this period, Jesus will return in triumph
and in glory. And this will commence a 1,000 year millenial reign on
this earth. Following that, there will be a new heaven and a new earth.
And those who are in Christ will rule and reign with Him forever.
- 2 -

The first time Jesus came, He came in mockery. But the next time, He
will come in majesty. The first time He came, He ruled with a reed.
The next time He comes, He will rule with a rod. The first time He
came, He was enthroned on a tree. The next time He comes, He will be
enthroned upon a throne. He will come as ...

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