The Beast Of The Earth by Dr. Ed Young

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Transcribed from Actual Tape January 4, 1987 AM
Revelation 13:11-18
Can everyone still find the book of Revelation? If you'll open your
Bibles to the thirteenth chapter, this morning we'll look at verse 11
through verse 18.
Just parenthetically, I wish I could name about 10 athletes that I have
seen on television the last couple of weeks with all their arrogance and
ego and lack of sportsmanship and humility, I think it would be well if
they would hear this word of Revelation. This has nothing to do with my
sermon, but the models that I see paraded in athletics today, in case
after case, is getting to be obnoxious to me. Am I alone in this? Give
me an Earl Campbell. He scored touchdown after touchdown. He'd always
just put the football in the end zone. He didn't throw it down. He
placed it down or handed it to the official. You know why he did that,
someone asked him. He said his high school coach told him, he said,
"Earl, if you make a big deal out of a touchdown, people will think
you'll never score another one. If you're going to be back in the end
zone again, you don't have to make a big deal out of it."

Let's pray together.

Father, forgive us when we suddenly display arrogance and ego and in our
own lives, lack that sense of humility. We pray in this first Sunday of
the new year that You will be here in a supernaturally powerful way.
- 2 -

May all of us from different backgrounds, different interests, different
motives, who have gathered for worship, feel an overwhelming sense of
Your presence. Speak to us clearly and directly. And Lord may we not
push Thy spirit to one side, may we not let pride or conflicting ...

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