The Army Of Hell- Part Ii by Dr. Ed Young

Revelation 9:12-21

It's time for a review. I want you to notice in these little reviews, I

add just a little bit to it every time and approach it in a different

way. I am doing that purposely so that we will be able to anticipate to

a degree what is yet to come. The book of Revelation is called

eschatological literature. Eschatology means "last things."

We're studying a doctrine of last things. It is a view to the future.
It is the Apostle John at an advanced age on the island of Patmos
praying. And he was caught up in the spirit and the Lord revealed to
him through the Holy Spirit the future and the end of time, because we
as Christians know and believe that this world, and the destiny of this
world, will be decided by God himself, and by nobody else.
With this in view, we see there will be a time of tribulation. Prior to
the tribulation are the judgments of this world, which will take place
over a period of 7 years. The church will be raptured. This means the
church will be taken out of history. All the rest of the world will
remain and the judgment of God coupled with the activities of Satan that
has now been released, will move like a tidal wave, like locusts, like a
plague throughout all civilization. This will take place for 7 years.

And now, tonight, we are looking at the middle part of the tribulation.

The church has been raptured. Judgment is coming. And all the powers

- 2 -

of judgment are released in the world by our resurrected Lord and
Savior, Jesus Christ. He came as our Savior in mercy and in grace.

But now, during the tribulation as the curse that is upon everything in
this world, animate and inanimate things, everything t ...

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