The Vision - Part Ii by Dr. Ed Young




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Transcribed from Actual Tape October 19, 1986 PM
Revelation 1:9-20

We're in the middle of a study of Revelation. Can you imagine such a

thing? I can, because it's a book that gives special blessing to those

who seek to understand it, who read it, and who seek the light of God

within it. It's not a mysterious book. It's not clouded in enigma.

.,t's not d4ff-cu'it to understaiid once we'vl- wa'ked t'ryrough it and get

all the symbols nailed down. And most of the symbols are Old Testament

symbols that come to life when we understand it's basic thrust.

I hope you have your Bible open. Revelation, chapter number 1. We're
going to look at the last part of this chapter, verse 9 through the end
of the chapter, verse 20.
Now, we've already studied chapter 2 and 3 which consists of the 7
churches, and next Sunday morning, we begin the prophetic part of
Revelation with chapter 4. Next Sunday morning. And I predict that God
will honor this study in a supernatural way and it will build and build
in interest as we seek to know something about tomorrow in God's plan,
God's will, God's sovereignty, and God's economy.
I'm behind today. Who won the football qame? Did the Oilers come back
and win? What was the score? Thirty-one to twenty-eight? Well , we
showed up, that's good. The Astros win? We should be playing. I'll
tell you, that umpire ... we absolutely should be playing. But, they need
all the help they can get in New York, so we'll just let'em have it
this time.
- 2 -

Let's bow for prayer as we begin our study.

Father, ...

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