What's In A Name by Dr. Ed Young


Revelation 3:1-6

Ola Boll and John Ericsson were great friends. They were reared in

Scandinavian countries and in their childhood they got to know one

another. And both John Ericsson and Ola Boll became famous in their own


Ola became a world-renowned violinist. He performed in all the major
capitals of Europe and engaged in over five tours throughout the United
States. He was renowned for his innovative method of playing the
violin. He brought into vogue different kinds of chords and different
usages of the strings.
John Ericsson was a scientist-inventor. He was the one who invented the
screw propeller that replaced the paddle wheel on boats. He was the one
who designed the Monitor of somewhat fame in the Civil War. It was John
Ericsson who came up with the idea and the concept of the torpedo that
boats could use in warfare.
And so both Ola Boll and John Ericsson were renowned personalities in
their lifetime. Both eventually settling in the United States. Once
they happened to be in the same town, and Ola was giving a concert. And
he called his friend, John, who had a factory there. And he said,
"John, I want you to come to the concert tonight. I've got free
- 2 -

And John said, "Ola, I wouldn't waste my time on music, or something
like that. I'm busy. I've got too much to do. Just forget me. You
know I wouldn't come."

And Ola said, "John, if you don't come, I'm going to bring my violin
down to your factory and play the concert there for you personally."

John said, "You bring that violin down here and I'll it take away from
you and break it over my knee. Keep that music away ...

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