What Will We Look Like In Heaven? (2 of 2) by Dr. Ed Young

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I Corinthians 15:29-34

Father, thank you for the thrill of worship, for the joy to be a part of
this, your Fellowship of Excitement. Now I pray Lord, not vainly, not
tritely, but I ask that You would speak and let me get out of the way so
that Thy word and Thy holy and divine message might not only be heard
but Lord, may we not just hear but may we receive that word and apply
those Biblical truths to our lives. For this is our prayer through
Jesus Christ, our living, resurrected Lord. Amen.
While I was preaching this morning, I thought about something. Can you
believe that preachers think while they are preaching? And in the
middle of my preaching, I thought of an old, old story that I should
have used. And I want to use it to summarize where we are in I
This incident took place in the Southside Baptist Church in Birmingham,
Alabama a long time ago. C. Roy Angel was in the pulpit and the down-
stairs of this large church was comfortably filled and there were only
two people in the balcony; there were two little boys seated right in
the middle of the balcony by themselves. Dr. Angel was preaching and he
said he noticed there on a back row, a fella somehow had gotten bored
with the sermon and qone sound asleep. He noticed that he had put his
head back on the pew and he had his mouth open. He watched him as he
was preaching and saw him getting increasingly comfortable even though
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his wife had punched him a couple of times and he had said, "Go away."
And went right back to sleep. And with his mouth open, those two little
boys in the top balcony saw something that they just couldn't get out of
their mind. And so the pastor watched those boys tear a page out of the
hymnal and they began to make spit ...

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