The Resurrection Revisited by Dr. Ed Young

Transcribed from Actual Tape April 27, 1986 PM


I Corinthians 15:12-34

...anything in the pulpit when I preach even my own Bible. That's this
morning's Bible. This is tonight's Bible. I didn't know what happened
to it.

The words of the choir are ever so accurate in the resurrection morning.
And that's what we're going to talk about in our study of I Corinthians
15. Actually, this whole chapter could be called, "Everything You've
Ever Wanted to Know About Death," about life after death. Will you
have responsibilities in heaven, what kind of body will you have, what
will eternity be like? All of these questions are answered very very
clearly in I Corinthians 15. Will I know my loved ones? Wi I 1 Aunt
Susie be there? What about Uncle Billy who never really had a chance to
know Christ? What about this and that and the other? All of it's
answered clearly for us in I Corinthians 15.

We'll look at the rest of this chapter next Sunday morning and next
Sunday evening. So keep that in mind, everything you've ever wanted to
know about eternity. Briefly, succinctly, clearly answered; a word
about death and a word about eternal life.

Open your Bibles tonight, if you would. I Corinthians chapter 15. If
you did not bring a Bible, there'll be one in the pew disguised as a
hymnal. So, you'll find one there. Open your Bibles. If you didn't
- 2 -

bring a Bible, look on someone with you. We're a church that brings our
Bibles, how many have your Bibles? Hold them up. That's super, I'll
tell you, that's a marvelous sight. Marvelous sight. Two or three held
up hymn books, that's alright. We know you're visiting with us tonight
and there's a Bible in there somewhere.
Now, you'll notice we dealt with I Corinthians verse I through verse 11
Easter Sunday morning. Remember? So, we're going to pass over that and
begin with verse 12 and we're going through verse 19 and just sort of
bump into verse 20. We're going to look at 12 through 19 and just bump
into verse 20 as you'll see at the end. Let's bow for prayer together.
Fat.her, w@- t-hank yau for the assurance that you give us in Jesus Christ.
That our life right now is but a foretaste of live forever of glory
divine. Oh, Lord, in this service we pray as we do every time we
gather, that Thou would speak and let me get out of the way so that Thy
word, Thy message, Thy truth alone might not only be heard but Lord may
we apply Thy truth, put our lives and our legs and our hearts and our
minds and all of our persona ...

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