The Love Life, Part 3 (3 Of 3) by Dr. Ed Young

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(Transcribed from Actual tape) April 6, 1986 AM



I Corinthians 13:8-13

I trust you already have your Bibles open to I Corinthians, chapter 13.
We'll look this morning beginning with verse 8 through the end of the
chapter, verse 13. We've looked at this chapter twice prior to this in
our series on I Corinthians. It's a good catch, Harry. A lot of
experience there with those microphones. Ya'll didn't see that, did
you? The mike was falling, he just, choo! Tell ya. Have your Bibles
open, 8 through 13, let's bow for prayer together.
Father, we thank you fiar t-he lioy and the pri,,vi,lege of worship. We tr-ust
in this hour that everything we do will give honor to you. Lord, you
speak, let me get out of the way so that Thy word and Thy holy and
divine message might not only be heard may it be received and understood
and incorporated into our living. For we make this prayer in the strong
name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Most of you recognize the name Bill Glass, all-American football player
at Baylor University and all-pro for the Cleveland Browns for many
years. He's now an evangelist who gives most of his time in a prison
ministry. He goes around America speaking in prisons and really has a
fabulous, fabulous outreach in this strategic area and needful area in
our society. Bill tells a story of how several years ago he was asked
to speak at a high school athletic banquet. It was the annual banquet.
All the teams were gathering and the coach said, "I really feel sorry
- 2 -

for our football team," said, "Bill, we didn't win a game last year. We
were 0 and 10 and I want you to speak on ...

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