by Dr. Ed Young

(Transcribed from Actual tape) March 2, 1986 PM



I Corinthians 12:7-11

I hope you have your Bibles open already to I Corinthians chapter number
12. We'll look tonight at various verses, we'll not go as far as I
wanted to, but we'll be around I Corinthians for awhile. As we begin
our worship service, let's bow for prayer together.
Father, we thank you for songs, we thank you for witness, we thank you
for prayer, we thank you for worship. And now we wait expectantly for
your proclaimed word. I trust, Lord, that if my mouth opens, it will be
your words of interpretation. And what our ears hear we trust it will
be your words of profound truth. Let me get out of the way. You know
that personally I have nothing to say; but, 0 Lord, on the wings Thy
Spirit, speak to us as we lift up Jesus Christ in whose name we pray.
One of the fundamental declarations of scripture is that power belongs
to God. God never does give anybody power and say, "This is yours, use
it any way you want to." God gives power to individuals and to churches
to use but He always keeps on the reigns. As long as the power is being
used for His honor and for His glory, and Jesus Christ is exalted, and
the conditions Biblically are met, then that power that is given is
exercised in the Body, the church. But when power is abused or misused,
God will begin to withdraw and withhold His blessing upon an individual
or upon a church.
- 2 -

Now, we've been talking about spiritual gifts and I started thinking how
some people could easily get confused. For example, the Holy Spirit is
the person of the trinity that gives spiritual gifts. And all the
spiritual gifts that are given are to do one thing and that is ...

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