The Problem Of Lawsuits by Dr. Ed Young



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(Transcribed from Actual tape) January 5, 1985 PM



I Corinthians 6:1-11

Hope you have your Bibles open tonight. I Corinthians chapter 5, we're
going to look at this parenthetical passage here that Paul sort of
presses in something that's on his mind. I think he was looking for a
place to put in this, this problem he wanted to address. I identify
with that. Sometimes I'll have something in a sermon and I'll say, "I'm
going to find a place for it." So I just go all the way through looking
for a place. I think Paul was looking for a slot in his teaching here,
beginning with verse nine to the end of the fifth chapter there in I
Corinthians. And then we're going to look at the sixth chapter which I
think is exceedingly interesting as we think about lawsuits. Lawsuits.
Let's pray before be begin.
Father, meet with us tonight. Speak through Thy Word to our hearts. We
know that Thou art good, Thou art great. You speak, and let me get out
of the way, so that Thy Word and Thy Wo-rd a'lone m4ight be-hL-ard. For we
pray through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.
The Corinthians were highfalutin folks. They wanted to talk about
philosophy and worldly wisdom. They wanted to talk about some of the
big shot leaders that they had had the privilege of hearing in the
church. And they were a divided a church around these philosophical
principles and around these great teachers.
- 2 -

Paul said,, "Let me tell you something about all of your high-sounding
th ...

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