Suppose These Galileans Were Sinners? by Dr. Ed Young

Transcribed trom actual tape of sermon June 24, 1979 PM


There's a serious sto@ going around that Secretary Schlesinger went to see President

Carter and said, "Mr. President - I have good news and I have bad news." And Carter

said, "Give me the good news." He said, "Sir, they have found a new oil supply that

is larger than anything they have ever discovered in west Texas - it's larger than any-

thing in the North Sea." And he gave all the depths and the size of this tremendous new

resevoir and Carter was just aglow and he said, "That's certainly solved all of the

energy problems of the world." He said, "That's magnificient news." He said, "What is

the bad news?" He said, "The bad news sir, is they found the oil on the Island of


I think our scripture relates to that in the sense that probably some Judeans appraoched
Jesus Christ and they had mixed emotions about the news. They could have said - we
have good news - but yet we have traqic news. The tragic news was that a group of
Galileans had come to the temple to offer their sacrificies but in the offerina of the
sacrificies ... Pilate had slaughtered these people .... and their blood was mixed with the
blood of the sacrificies of the lambs, goats and the sheep they came to offer ..... aad
that was bad news to the Judeans - except it was good news because it happened to the
despised Galileans. And actually - what this scripture is saying - a group of holier
than thou kind of folk went before Jesus and said, "Those Galileans must be TERRIBLE
sinners - because they were killed when they were worshipping God." When they were
offering their sacrificies. So we see here the thought and the motif and the idea of
this day and age as to what happens , to sinners and what happens to good and moral
people and what ...

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