Altruism Pays Big Dividends (2 of 2) by Dr. Ed Young

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Transcri@bd from actual tape of sermon June 24, 1979 AM


When Margaret Sankster was a case worker in Chicago - she said one afternoon she opened

up the recreational area and all the different children were coming in from off the streets

playing various games and she said that right in the middle of the activity period, one

little fellow came in - by himself - and he just stood against the wall - leaning - toward

the back. Mrs. Sankster said she went up to him and said, "Don't you want to play like

@,ieryone el. s&?" I-zhe sni,d that he responded, "I can-'t play." And- then, uron 10LOLking a-t-

his foot - she noticed that it was turned completely around - totally backwards .... and

she asked how it happened and he said, "I was hit by an automobile." She inquired about

a doctor and he said he had never been to a doctor. And so Margaret said, "I took that

young boy and called a surgeon friend I knew and said I have a boy from off the streets ...

who needs help. Will you treat him." He said, "Certainly. It will cost nothing."

And so the boy was taken there - the examination was made - the doctor determined that

through a series of operations that the foot could be corrected - he felt. He was sent

to another orthopedic specialist - Margaret Sankster called a banker and said, "I've got

a case that needs your help. Do you have any funds available?" And together, they pro-

vided for the operation; they provided for the hospitalization - at no cost to the young

man. A series of operations took place and Margaret Sankster said, "One of the most

joyful days of my life was several months later when I opened up the recreational period ...

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