Why Did You Waver So? by Dr. Ed Young

Transcribed fronj actual tape of sermon May 20, 1979 PM


"Oh thou of little faith, wherefore did thy doubt? Why did you waver so?", asked Jesus

of Simon Peter. Usually when someone is confronted with doubt and another one would

question them - they usually respond with a whole barrage, a whole bouquet of words

and phrases explaining their conduct. Not so. Simon Peter, a man of word, a man of

temper, a man of spirit - seemingly said nothing. When Jesus asked why did you doubt?

And in this event and scripture, Peter almost turned a magnificient triumph into un-

speakable tragedy.

He started off in a fine way. They pushed out to sea. The Lord dismissed the multi-

tudes. He went up alone and into a mountain to pray, and he prayed until early hours

of the morning. But there in the middle of the Sea of Galilee, on that little ship -

a storm came - the winds blew - lightening flahsed - and suddenly the quiet calm of the

sea was boisterous and mighty and brutal and frightening. And so ... the ship began to

be tossed about and the sailors - the Bible tells us - were frightened. Let me tell you

something. I've been on boats and ships and I've been afraid; but when you see the

Captain of the ship - when you see the sailors get frightened - you know you are in


I'm reminded of during a presidential campaign of one of the candidates - that Colonel
John Glenn had recently come back from his orbits around the earth and they had a char-
tered plane of VIPs, members of the Senate and the House, the Presidential candidate and
on board was now a very famous American - Colonel John Glenn. And they got into a little
storm unexpectantly there off the coast of California - and the little plane began to be
tossed up and down and around - and people were sick who h ...

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