Jesus' Teaching On Divorce by Dr. Ed Young

Transcribed from actual tape of sermon May 20, 1979 AM


The trumpet sounds of the Christian church concerning divorce are certainly uncertain,
and many times - conflicting - and confusing. Some churches say separation okay.
Divorce - never. Other churches say divorce - but only with the one proviso the fine
print - except for the cause of adultery. Others say - we live in a new era a new
world - a new culture - a new life-style - with all the pell-melling of brand new social
influences - therefore, we as Christians must interpret divorce in the light of love.
And in the understanding of the message of forgiveness. In the gospel - in the Good
News of Jesus Christ.

Certainly we do not have to spend a lot of time stating a very obvious fact - that -

divorce is a rampant disease in our society - last year in America - 2,176,000 marriages

were performed. Last year in America - 1,090,000 divorces were decreed. So we see in

our land, approximately one out of every 2 marriages - end in divorce! Last year in

the major cities of America - almost - without exception - more people were granted

divorces - than there were individuals who decided to get married. So therefore - we

see in our day and our age - a virtual revolution of understanding as far as the marriage

and family and the home is concerned. Divorce - ladies and gentlemen - is at epidemic

proportions and I am confident that there is not an individual here this morning - who

4as not been touched in some way - in your family - among the circle of your friends -

by this staggering, staggering... thing ... we call .... divorce.

Now to take the teachings of Jesus Christ and to deal with them in an expository nature -

even if we took them in the context by which they were written and inspired ...

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