Dealing With Doubt by Dr. Ed Young


Contrary to your bulletin, if you will open your Bibles instead to the book of Matthew,

Chapter #7, I'll begin reading with verse 21 and read through verse 29.

She was 18 years old. A lovely girl, an intelligent girl. She was pregnant and I had
the unhappy opportunity of having to go with her and announce this to her parents, whom
she had rejected, cursed and literally hated. She was caught up in the drug culture;
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but in her predictament, in her tragedy, she clid itat g-a toF those who had got hin this
mess instead, she had to go to her folks with whom all lines of communication - long
ago had been destroyed. How did it happen? Why did it happen? What was the matter
with this rather externally, at least, normal home? What was wrong with this young lady?
One thing, basically. She did not know how to build a life.

Jesus was a carpenter. He knew how to build a house and as He finished the Beatitudes-
this immortal Sermon on the Mount, with all the blesseds, with all the happiness, with all
the to be congratulated gr those who are meek, those who are long-suffering, those who turn
the other cheek - when He had finished all the high precepts then He sat down and said to
the people at the climax, at the end of His message - He explained how to build a house.
He said, "Building a house is like building a life." And then He warned His hearers. They
were saying in their vernacular and in their way, "Amen. That's right, that's the truth,
I agree with that. Never has man spake as this man speaketh." But Jesus knew folks like
you and me, didn't He? He knew that we talk a much better game than we live. He knew
that we could hear all of these tenents, all of these suppositions, all of these high eth-
ical principles and we could give adherence to them, mentally and emotionally - and yet
leave that gathering and go out and live the way we've always lived before. So our Lord
Savior says, "Not everybody who says 'Lord, Lord' are on God's side and will get to heaven"
You can be a member of the church, you can have gone through all the ritual of the church,

you could have won other people to Jesus Christ, you could have done all sorts of external,

religious things, yet, says Jesus, "You can be a long, long way from our Father in Heaven."


Not everybody who says 'Lord, Lord' are on God's team! And then at the dramatic moment

of His conclusion of the greatest sermon ever preache@ this carpenter from Nazareth told

this story. He gave us this illustration, this parable. He said, "If you are wise, when

you go to build a house you will build it ...

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