The Chronology Of The Bible; Or, God Among The Centuries by T. De Witt Talmage

T. DeWitt Talmage

A New Year's sermon

Deut., 32: 7: " Consider the years of many generations."

At twelve o'clock last night, while so many good
people were watching, an old friend passed out of our
homes and a stranger entered. The old friend mak-
ing valedictory was the departing year; the stranger
arriving is the new. The old friend was garrulous
with the occurrences of many days, but the stranger
put his finger over his lip and said nothing and seemed
charged with many secrets and mysteries. I did not
see either the departure or the arrival, but was sound
asleep, thinking that was for me the best way to be
wide awake now. And I was confident that the trans-
ference from year to year would go on just as well as
if I were watching. Good-bye, Old Year ! Welcome,
New Year!

As an army is divided into brigades and regiments
and companies, and they observe this order in their
march, and their tread is majestic, so the time of the
world's existence is divided into an army, divinely
commanded: the eras are the brigades, the centuries
are the regiments, and the years are the companies.
Forward! into the eternity past, out of the eternity
to come. Forward ! is the command, and nothing can
halt them even though the world should die. While
obeying my text, "Consider the years of many gener-
ations," I- propose- ta speak of the "Chronology of the
Bible, or God among the Centuries."
We make a distinction between time and eternity,
but time is only a piece of eternity, and chronology
has been engaged in the sublime work of dividing up
this portion of eternity that we call time into compart-
ments, and putting events in their right compartment.
It is as much an injustice against the past to wrongly
arrange its events, as it would be an injustice if,
through neglect of chronological accuracy, it should,
in the far distant future, be said that America was dis-
covered in I776, ...

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