The Precious Stones Of The Bible; Or, God Among The Amethysts by T. De Witt Talmage

T. DeWitt Talmage

Revelation, 21:19 " The foundations of the wall of the city
were garnished with all manner of precious stones."

Shall I be frank and tell you what are my de-
signs on you to-day? They are to make you home-
sick for heaven; to console you concerning your
departed Christian friends by giving you some idea of
the scenes in which they now commingle; to give all
who love the Lord a more elevated idea as to where
they are going to pass the most of the years of their
existence; and to set all the indifferent and neglectful
to quick and immediate preparation, that they may
have it likewise. It is to induce many of our young
people to study a volume of God that few ever open,
but without some acquaintance with which it is im-
possible to understand the Bible-I mean the precious
stones; their crystallization, their powers of refraction,
their cleavage, their fracture, their lustre, their phos-
phorescence, their transparency, their infinity of color
and shape, and what they had to do with the welfare
and doom of families and the destiny of nations; ay,
the positive revelation they make of God himself.

My text brings us into the presence of the most
stupendous splendor of the universe, and that is the
wall of heaven, and says of its foundations that they
are garnished with all manner of precious stones. All
the ancient cities had walls for safety, and heaven has
a wall for everlasting safety. You may say that a wall
made up of all manner of precious stones is figurative,
but you cannot understand the force and significance
of the figure unless you know something about the real
structure and color and value of the precious stones
mentioned. Now, I propose, so far as the Lord may
help me, to attempt to climb, not the wall of heaven,
but the foundations of the wall, and I ask you to join
me in the attempt to scale some of the heights. We
shall only get part ...

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