The Botany Of The Bible; Or, God Among The Flowers by T. De Witt Talmage

T. DeWitt Talmage

Luke, 12: 28: " If then God so clothe the grass, which
today is in the field and tomorrow is cast into the oven;
how much more will he clothe you, 0 ye of little faith?"

The Botany of the Bible, or God among the
Flowers, is a fascinating subject. I hold in my hand
a book which I brought from Palestine. It is bound
in olive wood, and within it are pressed flowers which
have not only retained their color, but their aroma;
flowers from Jerusalem, flowers from Gethsemane,
flowers from Mount of Olives, flowers from Bethany,
flowers from Siloam, flowers from the Valley of Je-
hoshaphat, red anemones and wild mignonette, butter-
cups, daisies, cyclamens, chamomile, bluebells, ferns,
mosses, grasses, and a wealth of flora that keep me
fascinated by the hour, and every time I open it, it is
a new revelation. It is the New Testament of the
fields. But my text leads us into another realm of the
botanical kingdom. Though never before visited in
sermonic discourse, I think before we get through it
will lead us to adoration and prayer.

The lily is the queen of Bible flowers. The rose
may have disputed her throne in modern times, and
won it; but the rose originally had only five petals.
It was under the long-continued and intense gaze of
the world that the rose blushed into its present beauty.
In the Bible train, cassia and hyssop and frankincense
and myrrh and spikenard and camphire and the rose
follow the lily. Fourteen times in the Bible is the lily
mentioned; only twice the rose. The rose may now
have wider empire, but the lily reigned in the time
of Esther, in the time of Solomon, in the time of
Christ. Cesar had his throne on the hills. The lily
had her throne in the valley. In the greatest sermon
that was ever preached, there was only one flower, and
that a lily. The dreamer of Bedford jail, John Bun-
yan, entered the House of the Interpreter, and was
shown a c ...

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