Looking At Criticism Through The Window Of Michal (3 of 6) by Ken Trivette

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Looking Through Bible Windows
Ken Trivette
2 Samuel 6:16

A) The Moment of David's Rejoicing
B) The Manner of David's Rejoicing
A) His Devotion Was Despised
B) His Actions Were Attacked
C) His Motives Were Misunderstood
A. What He Determined
B. What He Decided

1) I heard about this lady that came to see her pastor
one day. This was one of those members that was always
complaining and being critical of things. She said,
"Pastor, there is something that you do that offends
me." The pastor replied, "What is it about me that is
offensive to you?" She answered, "It is the way you
wear your tie." The pastor, somewhat surprised, yet
confused asked, "What is it about the way I wear my
tie that offends you?" She said, "Pastor, it is the
way you wear it. Your tie always hangs two or three
inches below your belt buckle. A tie when properly
worn is to strike the belt buckle." The pastor sat
there a moment, then reached into his desk and pulled
out a pair of scissors. He then said to the woman,
"Well, I certainly don't want to be offensive to you.
Here, take these scissors and cut my tie to where you
think it ought to be." The woman took the scissors and
cut off about two inches of the pastor's tie. "Does,
that make you feel better?" asked the pastor. "Yes, it
does," replied the woman. With that the woman got up
and started to leave the office, but the pastor
stopped her. "Before you leave," the pastor said,
"There is something about you that offends me." "What
is about me that offends you," asked the woman. The
pastor then said, "It is your tongue. Stick it out

2) Have you ever found yourself being criticized? Have
you ever found your motives being challenged or
misunderstood? Have you ever found yourself the object
of someone's jealously and anger? If so, ho ...

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