Thank You, Lord (1 of 3) by Ken Trivette

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THANK YOU, LORD (1 of 3)
This Is The Will Of God
Ken D. Trivette
1 Thessalonians 5:18

A. Thankfulness Is Expected By God
B. Thankfulness Is Expressed To God
A. At All Times
B. In All Things
A. God's Work In Us
B. God's Will For Us

1. The name Reggie White is familiar to many of us. A
native of Chattanooga, we remember when he played
football just a few miles from here at Howard High
School. We remember his playing days at the University
of Tennessee. One of the things we remember about
Reggie is how he was very open about his faith and
unashamed to tell and let people know that he was both
a Christian and minister. His nickname was the
"Minister of Defense." Reggie White went on to become
one of the greatest defensive players in NFL history.
At one point in his career, as a free agent,
practically every football team in the NFL was after
him. Reggie made it clear that he would go where God
wanted him to go. Wolf and Holmgren of the Green Bay
Packers really wanted White to play for them. When
Holmgren heard that White had said that he would go
where God wanted him to go, he called White and left
this message on his answering machine: "Reggie, this
is God. I want you to go to Green Bay." 1

2. When it comes to knowing God's will, there have
been a few times when it would have been nice if God
had called and left me a message on the answering
machine telling me what He wanted me to do. Knowing
the will of God has not always been that simple.

3. George W. Truett once said, "To know the will of
God is the greatest knowledge. To do the will of God
is the greatest achievement." Would you not agree with
me that if knowing the will of God is greatest
knowledge and doing the will of God is the greatest
achievement, there should nothing more important to us
than knowing and doing the will of God?

4. I have often been asked, "Preacher, how can I know
the will of God for my life?" I know that when I was
asked that question they are asking, "How can I know
if God wants me to do this or that, serve here or
there, or be this or be that."

5. Let me say at the very beginning that I believe
that God wants us to know His will for our life and
that we can know His will in our life. The Bible says
in Ephesians 5:17, "Wherefore be ye not unwise, but
understanding what the will of the Lord is." God
would not tell us to understand His will if His will
could not be understood.

6. I agree with G. Christian Weiss who wrote in his
book, "The Perfect Will of God," "If the will of God
is the all-important factor in our Christian living
and if our knowledge and execution of His will is the
one thing that pleases and glorifies Him and if our
failure to do His will is what blights our testimony
and grieves His heart, it is unthinkable that He
shou ...

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