Israel: The Great Sign in Bible Prophecy by Ken Trivette

Israel: The Great Sign in Bible Prophecy
Ken Trivette
Luke 21:20-24



A. Expecting the Land
B. Entering the Land


A. The Promise Of Discipline
B. The Period Of Dispersion


A. A Return That Was Assured
B. A Return That Was Accomplished

1. When it comes to the subject of Bible prophecy, history has not been without its share of false predictions and false theories. Dates have been set, predictions have been made, and events have been classified, all in the name of Bible prophecy. Even though our Lord plainly declared that the hour of His return could not be predicted, many have crawled out on a prophetic limb, only to have that limb sawed off behind them at some point.

2. Let me give you a few examples. In the early 1800's, William Miller announced that the Lord would return between 1843-44. Charles Russell, after being exposed to the teachings of Miller, founded his own organization that evolved into what we now know as the Jehovah's Witnesses. He predicted the Lord would return in 1914, and when that date came and went, he predicted that the Lord would come in 1918.

3. Some of you may remember the attention that was given to a planetary alignment in 1981 that occurs every 179 years. There were many that propagated and associated this event with the time of the Lord's return. You may also remember the book that came out entitled, ''88 Reasons Why the Rapture is in 1988,'' by Edgar Whisenaunt. Surprisingly, the book gained widespread popularity. After the passing of the deadline in 1988, Whisenaunt came out with a new book called, ''89 Reasons Why the Rapture is in 1989.'' Understandably so, his second book did not fare as well as the first.

4. In 1991, a group in Australia predicted Jesus would return through the Sydney Harbor at 9:00 am on March 31, 1999. There was also the book entitled, ''1994-The ...

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