First Take Care Of The Inside (3 of 5) by Ken Trivette

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First Things First
Ken Trivette
Matthew 23:25-26

1. Some preachers are known for shooting straight down
the middle and telling things like they are. I read
about a country preacher that a number of years ago
that was invited to address Congress. It was quite an
honor for the country preacher, but being the country
preacher that he was, he didn't mince any words when
he spoke to the Congress. Among his remarks, he said:

"I don't know much about Congress, but it's my
understanding that you have two houses. Now I think
it's pretty well agreed back home that if you keep on
running things the way you've been running them, it
won't be long until you'll have the whole country
divided into two houses-the poorhouse and the nut
house...I know you gentlemen are interested in the
views of your constituents, and that you are
especially glad to hear any praise for your
accomplishments. So, before leaving home, I asked my
neighbor, 'What would you say is the greatest thing
Congress ever does?' And he said, 'Adjourn.'"

2. I think you would agree with me that it would not
hurt our Congress for a few more to tell them like it
is. The Lord Jesus was not one to mince words. There
were times when the Lord unloaded both barrels and
told people just like it was. Matthew chapter 23 is
one of those occasions.

3. Warren Wiersbe in his book of Matthew entitles the
chapter "The King's Denunciation." He begins by
saying, "This was our Lord's last public message. It
is a scathing denunciation of false religion that
paraded under the guise of truth." As one writer
said, "It is well for us to remember...that 'the Man
of Sorrows' was a Man of Severity.

4. In this final public message by the Lord Jesus he
delivered a blistering sermon to the scribes and
Pharisees of which our text is a part. We are thinking
about "First Things First," and Jesus said to the
scribes a ...

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