Lord, I Want You to Bless Me (2 of 6) by Ken Trivette

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Lord, I Want You to Bless Me (2 of 6)
Series: The Prayer of Jabez
Ken Trivette
1 Chronicles 4:9-10

1. R. A. Torrey said, ''Prayer can do today as much as it ever could. Prayer can do anything God can do, for the arm of God responds to the touch of prayer. All the infinite resources of God are at the command of prayer. Prayer is the key that opens wide the inexhaustible storehouses of divine grace and power. 'Ask and it shall be given you,' cries our Heavenly Father, as He swings open the doors of the divine treasure house. There is only one limit to what prayer can do; that is what God can do.''

2. Before us in our text is a man who found that prayer was the key that opens the wide the inexhaustible storehouse of God. His name is Jabez and last week we learned that he was a man that was ''more honorable than his brethren.'' He was a man that refused to settle for an ordinary life. He wanted ''great and mighty things from God'' and as our text tells us, ''God granted him that which he requested.''

3. There were four things that Jabez prayed for: 1. He wanted God to bless him 2. He wanted God to enlarge his coast 3. He wanted God's hand to be upon him 4. He wanted God to keep him from evil.

4. Last week I quoted R. Earle Allen as saying, ''We should use Jabez' prayer as a guide and an encouragement for our own.'' For a few Sunday mornings I am challenging you to make the prayer of Jabez your own prayer. I am inviting you to pray as Jabez and to pray for what he prayed. As Clovis Chappell said, ''What He (God) did for Jabez, He will do for you and me.''

5. Today, let's look at the first of Jabez' petitions. In verse 10 we see that the first thing he prayed for was, ''Oh, that thou wouldest bless me indeed.'' He prays that God would bless him. Let me say three things about this petition.


1. As we look in the Bible we find those who were blessed of God. We read in Genesis 9:1, ''And God blessed Noah and ...

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