What's Your Opinion Of Service? (1 0f 4) by Ken Trivette

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Series: Old Testament "Profits"
Ken Trivette
Malachi 3:14

1. The first book in the world printed with movable
types was the Bible. Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of
the printing press, printed about 180 copies of the
Bible. It took three years to do it, from 1453 to
1456. The Gutenberg Bibles were copied from a
manuscript of the Vulgate translation and was printed
in Latin. Only about 50 copies have been located, many
of them in poor condition. One copy, printed on vellum
and said to be one of the three perfect copies made,
is owned by the Library of Congress and was obtained
for $400,000. For anyone interested, a well-preserved
two-volume set sold in New York City for $3.2 million.

2. We would all agree that a copy of the Gutenberg
Bible would be a valuable possession and its value
only increases day by day. Yet, I am mindful today
that the value of the Gutenberg Bible to many would
not be that it is a copy of the Word of God, but due
to when it was printed, whom printed it, and its
rarity, antiquity, and historical significance. The
fact that it is the Bible, the Word of God, would be a
factor least considered in its value.

3. My attention was recently drawn to the number of
times in the Old Testament someone questioned the
value and profit of Divine things. For a few weeks I
want to draw your attention to some of these occasions
when certain things of God are questioned as to their
value and profit. I want to call them "Old Testament

4. The first that I want to point out to you is found
in our text. The people of Malachi's day questioned
and doubted the profit and value of serving God.
George W. Truett once said, "To know the will of God
is the greatest knowledge. To find the will of God is
the greatest discovery. To do the will of God is the
greatest achievement." What was Dr. Truett saying? He
was simply declaring the profit and ...

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