How To Look At Sin by Ken Trivette

Psalm 51
Ken Trivette

1. There are many ways to look at sin. Someone has
suggested that you can look at sin from a mathematician's
point of view. Sin can add to ones miseries and woes;
subtract from ones efficiency, health and wealth; multiply
ones sorrows, sicknesses, and troubles; and divide ones
energies and powers of the body, mind, and soul.

2. I think of a tree known as the Judas tree. Long before
its leaves appear, gorgeous blossoms ornament the branches.
The brilliant beauty of the crimson flowers attracts
thousands of tiny insects. The wild bees also seek to draw
honey from their exquisitely shaped cups. But every insect-
bee or butterfly-that ventures to rest upon the edge of its
blossom is overcome by a fatal, curious sort of opiate, or
sleeping-draught, which the flower-juice contains, and
drops dead upon the ground beneath! Thus, walking around
Judas-trees, one sees the grass strewn with dead and dying

3. Sin is a lot like the Judas tree. Sin may look bright,
pleasant and attractive to our eyes; it may appear harmless
to indulge in it. But lurking behind "the pleasures of sin"
is a fatal poison.

4. There are many examples and illustrations of sin. There
are many ways to describe sin. There are many ways to look
at sin. When I look at Psalm 51 I see how David looked at
sin. You will find in many Bibles this heading above Psalm
51: "To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David, when Nathan
the prophet came unto him, after he had gone in to

5. The background to Psalm 51 is David's sin with
Bathsheba. Actually, Psalm 51 is David's confession of that
sin. As we look at this confession we see what David said
about his sin, how he felt about his sin, and how he looked
at his sin. Let's consider the Psalm and notice how David
looked at sin and how we should look at sin.


1. W.S. Plumer said, "We never see sin ar ...

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