A Good Path (3 Of 3) by Ken Trivette

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Proverbs 11:23, 2:9
Ken Trivette

1. When I think of "paths" I think of Tom Hayes. He calls
his ministry "Paths" that stands for, "Preaching And
Teaching His Salvation." On the cover of his quarterly
publication he always has a picture of a path that he has
taken somewhere, mostly in Israel. I have told him that he
takes more pictures of paths than anybody that ever lived.

2. As we have been looking at the Good Things of Proverbs
we have noticed that, "The desire of the righteous is only
good." Solomon expresses that a righteous man seeks only
that which is good. Many times Solomon speaks of things in
Proverbs that he calls "good." In other words, he tells us
that the righteous desires what is good, therefore he
points out some of the good things that the righteous

3. Thus far we have looked at A GOOD MAN and A GOOD NAME.
In our text we find that Solomon speaks of A GOOD PATH.
Solomon has much to say about paths in Proverbs. I counted
18 verses in Proverbs in which he says something about
paths. Let's look at a few of these verses and learn about


1. In Proverbs 2:9, Solomon speaks of understanding the
good path. He actually speaks of understanding 3 things
that pertain to this good path. The first thing that he
speaks of understanding is "RIGHTEOUSNESS." The word speaks
of that which is right. He wants us to understand the right
paths we are to take in life.

2. He next speaks of "JUDGMENT" which speaks of rendering a
verdict. He wants us determine what is the good path and
render the verdict, this is the good path and this is the
path I should take.

3. He also speaks of "EQUITY." The word speaks of that
which is even or straight. It is the path that is set in
contrast with that which is crooked (Cp. Vs.15).

4. All these words suggest that are two paths that one can
take. A person can take a path that is right or ...

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