Talking About God Behind His Back (11 Of 14) by Ken Trivette

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#11 The Book of Malachi (11 of 14)
Ken Trivette
Malachi 3:13-15

1. A lady known for her constant complaining and criticism,
once visited her preacher and said to him, "pastor, there
is something about you that offends me." He asked, "What am
I doing that offends you. I don't mean to be doing anything
that offends you." She said, "It's the way you wear your
tie. You wear it way too long." The pastor reached into his
desk and pulled out a pair of scissors and handed them to
her and said, "If that is what is offending you cut it off
to where you think it should be." She reached over and cut
about 3 inches off his tie. Then the pastor said, "Since we
are talking about being offended, there is something about
you that offends me." She asked what it was. He replied,
"It's your tongue. Stick it out."

2. As you read the book of Malachi we see several things
about the people that offended God. One was their tongue.
On 2 occasions Malachi states that God was offended by
their words:
. (2:17) They were ANGERING God with their words. They were
pushing Him to the limits.
. (3:13) They were ASSAILING God with their words. They
were making accusations against God.

3. The word "'stout" means "hard, mean, terrible." They
were saying terrible things about God. The verb "spoke"
suggests that these words were not so much spoken to God
but about God. The word is descriptive of a group sifting
around and gossiping. In this case they were gossiping
about God. We would say, "They were talking about God
behind His back."

4. Yet, God knew all about their "gossip sessions." He new
every word they had said about Him. Now he confronts them
over the things they had been saying.

5. Thomas Edison was once introduced at a dinner. The
toastmaster spoke of Edison's many inventions, dwelling at
length on the talking machine. The aged inventor rose to
his feet, smiled, and said gently, "I than ...

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